Tuesday, August 14, 2012

*Parking - Fall Semester*

*Beginning Aug. 19th*

The summer is coming to a close and a new semester is about to begin at UK. Below is a brief overview of where you should park when you come to train with us at Big Blue CrossFit:
5AM group
You should be OK to park in the C8 parking lot. Since it is so early in the morning, the C8 parking lot is usually not on patrol at that time. If you have an E parking pass, you can park in the 'Employee' lot in front of Shively. The other option is Parking Structure #7.

11AM group (UK Employees)
Depending on what type of parking pass you have, you can park in the E lot, C8 lot, or Parking Structure #7. Unless you have a R parking pass, you should never park in the R lot during the fall semester.

6PM group
If you do not have the proper parking pass, parking in the C8 lot is at your own risk. Parking is available in Parking Structure #7.

Please let us know if you have any questions!!


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