Wednesday, October 30, 2013


On October 31, 2011, we posted the 1st Big Blue CrossFit WOD. It's been two years and I wanted to take a second to thank our coaches and our current and past members. 
During the first year it was just D and I coaching every WOD and every orientation. Now we have Metzger, DeF, and Jenna - not only are they great coaches, but they are also great people to spend 12+ hours a day with. 
Melissa, Mary, and BK - You three were the first 5AMers. When D and I decided to start BBCF, we added the 5AM WOD time thinking no one would EVER want to workout then - OMG - we were wrong! The 5AM group is a great group to coach because of the attitude, intensity, and dedication you three brought every day. I know all of the coaches are proud of your accomplishments (Melissa - qualifying for the American Open. Mary - overcoming your ACL injury and being a BAMF. BK - all of the weight you lost and all of the things you are able to do now (ie pull-ups) that you couldn't do in 2011.)
Last but not least - Thank you Sarah and Jordan. Before BBCF, it wasn't uncommon for D and I to work 16-hours days / 7-days a week. And when we decided to start BBCF they knew it meant more hours at work for us and more time away from home. Sarah & Jordan - none of this would be possible without your love and support. You both are strong, beautiful women, and we can't thank you enough for everything you do for us! Love you both!
OK... I'm done. Here's the workout :)

Front squat: 5X3
*Do 1 set every 2:00*


How many rounds/reps can you complete in 10:00?
6 handstand pushups
9 box jumps (30/24)
12 sumo deadlift high-pulls (85/65)

Post load and score to comments:

Back pain

WOD on your own...
1:00 ON / 1:00 OFF for a total of .5 mile


  1. You guys are just far too kind. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was fat, out of shape and Melissa, Mary and Stephanie were blowing me away in every workout. Not to mention they were all lifting more than me. While Mary and Melissa still beat me in workouts (not by as much now) I owe a lot to you all. 70+ pounds and a lot of muscle later, I'm a shell of my former self. Who knows where or how huge I'd be if it wasn't for BBCF. Spurlock, D, DeF and Metzger, you all are the best...EVER! Thanks so much!

    FS: 255
    WOD: 3 rds + 15 (pike)

  2. 200#
    5 rds + 9 (3 blue reverse HSPU, 24kg KB pulls)

  3. 175#
    4rds+15 (1 blue)

    Happy 2 year anniversary BBCF! The last two years have been the most amazing years of my life and I'm so glad to have the members and coaches at BBCF be a part of it. Losing my ACL at 31 was not ideal, but my PTs were amazed at how quickly I recovered and I owe that to you guys for sure! I worked out at BBCF the day before surgery and was back in the gym 7 weeks post op. Two years ago, I had never heard of a clean/jerk or a snatch, I couldn't do a pullup, a handstand pushup, or a double under. It's been a great ride and the greatest part is that I keep besting myself in the gym and nothing is more fun than watching yourself constantly improve. Thanks again for all your guidance and encouragement.