Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Winter Break Schedule:
Dec. 23, 27, 30, Jan. 2, 3, 6-10
6AM, 11AM, 5PM

Dec. 31 
6AM group only

Closed Dec. 24-26 and Jan. 1

The sign up sheets are posted. Please make sure you sign up for each WOD you plan on attending. If no one signs up for a certain time, that group will be canceled for that day. 


Wide grip bench press: find your 3RM
*10:00 cap*

Push press: 2X12, 2X10
*Do 1 set every 1:30*

3 giant sets:
Horizontal pull-ups X max reps
Snatch grip shrugs X 10
Pushup plus X 20

*10:00 cap*

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Running WOD:
4-8 X 400 M run
Hold split by 3-5 seconds
Rest 2:00 between runs