Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Break Schedule

I have spoke with several of our members that will be here during UK's Winter Break, and many have expressed their thoughts on WOD times. We are going to leave it in your hands whether you want a 5AM group OR 6AM group. If you plan on training in the early morning, please cast your vote by commenting, on this post, which time you prefer.

Below will be our schedule:
December 23 - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM
Closed Dec. 24-26
December 27 - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM
December 30 - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM
December 31 - 5AM or 6AM only!!
Closed January 1, 2014
January 2 - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM
January 3 - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM
January 6-10  - 5AM or 6AM, 11AM, 5PM

So let us know if you want a 5AM group or 6AM group during UK's Winter Break!!!! I will announce the "winning" time on Wednesday, so make sure to vote!


  1. 6 AM, prefer 5, but this looks like a foregone conclusion.

  2. Maybe I should say 5am just to support BK? I'll be there on the 31st no matter the time, must end the year on a positive note... :)

  3. I've never won this! It's always been 5am!!! I love the new crossfitters!!!!

  4. I'll be back from quantico and would love to work out with you bunch of crazies.. Just let me know the time and I'll be there. There is a special place in my heart for the 5am crew though.