Monday, February 17, 2014


To avoid tracking in snow/rain/salt into the weight room, please don't wear the shoes you are going to workout in into the facility. This will help us keep the floors dry and avoid anyone slipping while training. Thanks for your help!

Snatch complex:
Power snatch + overhead squat + hang squat snatch: work up to a heavy set

*15:00 cap*


How fast can you complete 21-15-9?
Squat snatch (95/65)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Post load and time to comments:

Paleo brownies

Uncon Met-con

Hollowrocks: 3X max reps
*Do 1 set every 1:30*

On the minute for 12:00...
Odd: 1-arm DB snatch + overhead DB squat (2 each arm)
Even: 5 strict burpees

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