Monday, September 22, 2014


1. Snatch variation: 
Power snatch: 5X3
*Do 1 set every 1:00*

2. WOD

How many rounds/reps can you complete in 12:00?
5+5 SA DB snatch (45/30)
5+5 DB reverse lunge (45/30)
10 slams (50/25)
200 M run

Post load and score to comments:

National University Championships - follow this link to watch Coach DeF lift in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday at 8:30AM


  1. 100#
    3 rds +25

    40 left arm 35 right
    40 lunges
    35 slam

    Right arm wasn't feeling it today.
    For the snatch it was my first workout using the hook grip. Definitely less forearm stress. Increase of 10lb was nice also.

  2. 85#
    4 rds+ 30 reps (and a fraction of the run)

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