Saturday, January 24, 2015


Cross your fingers, this will be the last week we only offer classes at Shively. To get in the habit of signing up for classes online - please log in to our online system and sign up for either the 5AM or 11AM CrossFit at Shively. We will treat this as a trial run before our doors open at our new facility on Monday, Feb. 2nd.
Let me know if you have any questions!!

1. Front squat: find your 5RM
*Bar must start on the ground. You can't start from the rack*

2. WOD

Tabata scissor jumps
Rest 1:00
Tabata toes-to-bar

3. Finisher
Wall sit 1X max time
*Hold weight on your lap if you can*

Post load, score, and time to comments:

This week at BBCF:
Strength: snatch
WOD: snatch pull, broad jumps

WOD: Annie

Strength: clean + jerk complex
WOD: G2O, pushups, squats, pullups

Strength: push press
WOD: upperbody circuit


  1. FS- 130#
    Scissor- 14
    T2B- 5
    Wall Sit- 2:00 with 10kg plate

  2. 245#
    SJs- 16
    T2B- 4
    Wall Sit 1:00 with green sandbag

  3. 150#
    SJs- 13
    HKR- 6
    Wall sit: 1:10 with 15lb SB

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