Sunday, March 22, 2015


1. Snatch variation:
Snatch pull: 4X3 @ 85-95% of best
*Do 1 set every 2:00*

2. WOD

4 rounds for quality:
Overhead step ups X6+6
Twist + press X10

*8:00 cap*

3. Finisher:

How fast can you complete 10-8-6-4-2?
Plate ground-to-overhead (45/35)
*Rest 10 seconds between rounds while holding the plate overhead*
This is a sprint! Knock it out AFAP!

Post loads and time to comments:

YTWL's - how to do them correctly!

This week at BBCF:
Strength: clean pulls
WOD: upperbody circuit

Strength: strict press
WOD: push press, pistols, pullups

Strength: snatch, clean+jerk
WOD: plyos

WOD: 15.5!

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