What We Do...

Forge Elite Fitness Across the Big Blue Nation!!

The CrossFit Experience:
Many people struggle through the same mundane, "globo gym" workouts day-in and day-out with little to no progress. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that has been proven to produce elite fitness in its participants, no matter what their age or gender. This is done by constantly varying the exercises performed, equipment used, and the length of the workouts. Because of this variance, CrossFit workouts are never boring and always challenging.

Train like an athlete:
Athletes don't train to be average... they train to be the best they can be! This is what CrossFit does for physical fitness. Training to be the fittest you can be is the heart of CrossFit. Every workout is competitive and pushes you to perform to the best of your ability.

What Will Happen Every Day you Train at Big Blue CrossFit?
When you come to a Big Blue CrossFit training session, you will train like college athletes do - as a team! We will warm-up as a team, then we will go through the Workout of the Day as a team. You will NOT be permitted to train on your own using your own fitness program. You will be trained and coached under strict supervision to ensure you are performing all exercises and movements properly and safely. 

Orientation Sessions (for New Members):
All of our new members must complete the required # of orientation workouts before joining the normal training group. During these workouts, you will be taught how to properly perform the most common movements in CrossFit. While learning proper technique will be the main focus of these sessions, you will also be exposed to CrossFit's training philosophy and methods.

What If I Can't Do a Movement?
In CrossFit, we are accustomed to scaling / modifying workouts to fit each individual's fitness abilities and backgrounds. It is our goal to provide each participant with a safe, yet progressive workout that allows them to achieve their best every time they train with us.

Big Blue CrossFit is operated by Central Kentucky Weightlifting Club.

Big Blue CrossFit
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